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Castles of Sweden

Castles of Sweden

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

International IDEA

International IDEA

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Tempel Bryggeri x Västgöta Nation


Packaging Design


Between 2017-2021, I explored new frontiers of digital diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before that, while at an intergovernmental organisation, I helped transform political parties all over the world using innovative digital tools.

Currently, I work with investor relations and financial communication in Stockholm. As of 2022, I am on the board of directors of a bilateral chamber of commerce, creating synergies between two of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems.

Please check out my pet-project, @castlesofsweden.

Projects, TAK Charging, International IDEA, UPS, SWE-IL Chamber of Commerce, Parkinsonpodden, NexusTalent, Plåsterhuset, Sverigefinska Riksförbundet, Pizzans Hus, Astronomiska Föreningen, Getech, Johan Movingers Gymnasium, Elevernas Riksförbund, Poddcoast, Stockholms Kanotförbund, Adat Jeschurun, Sverigefinska Ungdomsförbundet, Västgöta nation,, Nilen, MER


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